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Anal Sex How-To Guide

anal sex

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Take it slow. Start slowly and start small. First-timers should make both partners familiar around the butt through the use of tongue and well lubricated fingers.  This helps the receiving partner become accustomed to a new sensation and feeling. Some partners use butt plug toys with a flared base to get beginner muscles to relax. Start out with the smallest butt plug with a narrow tip and a gradual taper covered in plenty of lube for slow gentle insertion and removal. The flared base prevents it from being sucked into the rectum.


One of our most popular anal products is the Booty Call – Booty Vibro Kit. This kit comes with a bullet-style stimulator and two silicone probes: tapered and beaded. The kit provides multiple toys in one. The bullet is operated with a handheld controller and provides powerful multi-speed vibrations. The speed of vibrations are easily controlled by the gradual turn dial on the side of the controller. The probes are pliable, durable, nonporous and seamless. They are body-safe, phthalate free and made of pure silicone. Always use a water-based lubricant with this kit.


When you get to the penis, that must also be taken slow – just the head to begin with. Always start out slow, with shallow strokes, and then very slowly increase the speed and depth. The rectum is not a straight line, and so the penis should never be rammed in. It’s not a race to get all the way inside, but rather a slow exploration that will satisfy you both


After anal sex, never go from anal play to vaginal play without thoroughly washing your mouth, finger, penis or changing a condom. All body parts must be clean to prevent possible bacterial infection.


Afterwards, talk about the experience – find out what your partner liked and didn’t like. Communicate your experience and what worked for you, and didn’t.


Couples try anal sex for both reasons of novelty and pleasure. While some couples try anal sex with the woman finding it to be uncomfortable or painful (usually without proper preparation), others find that anal sex is quite pleasurable, enjoyable and even orgasmic.


Anal sex is not something a couple should jump right into without some planning and conversation.  Both partners should be open and receptive. For a lot of couples, an impulsive attempt at anal sex results in pain for the woman, which becomes a permanent turn-off. The right preparation is important, so one must consider the steps to take to make the experience pain-free and fun for both of you.


First of all, talk about it, and make sure that both of you are open to anal. Have the talk at a time that you are both relaxed and open to talking about sex. In fact, talking about sex right after sex is often a good time. The important thing is that anal sex is not something that should be attempted in the heat of the moment without conversation and preparation. 


Before trying anal sex, make sure you are sober and clear-minded. It’s important that you be in tune with your partner’s feelings, and know when they may want to stop or take it slower. Make sure your partner is ready.


Cleanliness is important.  Take a good shower beforehand.  Some women take an extra step and use an anal douche or enema to cleanse the anal passage.


Consider a massage beforehand, focusing on the buttocks. Combine this with massage glide or lube to relax the muscles.


Lube things up big time. There can’t be too much lubrication – this is essential for a pleasurable experience. Use a water or silicone-based lubricant to reduce pain or chaffing for both of you. Silicone-based lubricant is often a better choice for anal sex because it won’t get absorbed by the anus the way that water-based lubricants will. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t lubricate itself on its own. Stay clear of any numbing or desensitizing creams – the anus is more vulnerable to tearing, and so a woman needs to be able to feel any discomfort that means she needs to stop.





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